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Take Note... Icons!

TakeNote Icons
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High-quality icons and other graphics.
TakeNote Icons

Sick of having to go through 30 billion "these icons are crap but here they are anyway" posts because quite frankly you don't like crap icons?
If the answer is yes then please, friend takenote_icons and spread the news to your friends.

Can I post here?
Not yet. You have to apply first.
Please don't get offended if you don't get it, you can always try again. But give yourself at least a month to improve. No point "wasting" everyone's time.
**EDITED 11/28/07** We have 5 mods. You must be accepted by AT LEAST 2 of them to get an invite to join.

Community Rules
- Please limit your teasers to 3 icons.
- Wallpapers, banners and headers are fine, as long as they are in an icon post, and all bigger graphics are behind the cut.
- You can link to a locked post in your community BUT make sure to mention in your post here that community is locked and everyone needs to join first to see your icons.
- If you're posting not safe for work icons they must be behind a cut, and there should be a warning.
- Don't disable comments.
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This community is cheerfully moderated by wkncntradiction, misconstrue, cyber_bard_, duskwillow and mangofandango.
It is, however, not their fault.

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